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Medical-Service LLC, operating in Yaroslavl, from the second half of 2018 started offering to their customers a copy of a set of x-ray equipment produced by our company, NOELSI, from 2013.

The set of NOELSI 2013

The set of Medical-Service 2018

The products of NOELSI are copied with gross violation of the production technology and quality of the parts used.

In particular, Medical-Service LLC uses the portable x-ray unit produced by ECOTRON Co.Ltd., with which NOELSI terminated the contract due to low quality of x-ray units and poor reliability.

Moreover, Medical-Service LLC uses the flat-panel detector by Rayence CO Ltd., with which NOELSI signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation.

Photo. Speech of the Director of Rayence CO Ltd. at the Conference in Moscow in 2015.

but which could not confirm the stated technical characteristics of its flat-panel detectors in the course of technical tests.

BEWARE OF DECEPTION!!, all products of NOELSI are registered, certified and licensed by the experts of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development, and quality and reliability are confirmed by long-term operation and feedbacks of buyers.


Medical_Service LLC, Yaroslavl, has not just copied the products of NOELSI but dreams to become NOELSI and for that purpose has created a copy of NOELSI web-site using the noelsi domain name but replacing .com extension with .ru

But that is not all, Medical-Service LLC, Yaroslavl has gone even further and started publication of its announcements using the YANDEX services hiding under domain